Expand a hospital

Our business tools and experienced consultants can also support initiatives to expand or renovate an existing hospital.  This is another way that together, we can help to create much needed medical beds across Indonesia. So, whether you are looking for potential investors or need the relevant permits from the government, HCM Excellence can help.

Expansion Feasibility Study

The first thing to consider when building a new wing, is what services and expertise are needed? To determine this, developers need to have a clear idea of their target market and what the healthcare needs of the community are.Additionally, in order to get a development permit from the government, certain criteria must be achieved. The HCM Excellence Expansion Feasibility Study makes sure that all this compulsory information is presented in the correct format.


What is a hospital expansion feasibility study?

In a very similar way to how we develop a hospital from scratch, we apply our expertise to a hospital expansion or hospital renovation project. The feasibility study we use covers the following 3 essential areas in 3 separate documents covering market analysis, hospital profiling and financial projection. To examine if your ideas are realistic and profitable, our business

consultants survey the following in detail:

  1. Catchment area
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Market potential estimation
  4. Hospital room design
  5. Investment
  6. Estimate number of patients
  7. Profit and loss projection
  8. Cash flow analysis
  9. Conclusion and recommendation


The benefits of Expansion Feasibility Study

HCM Excellence looks after the nuts and bolts of the preparation and gives hospital developers a clear idea of how to move forward without making costly mistakes. We also provide questionnaires, training and support for your surveyors to do the community survey. Moreover, our techniques ensure that the healthcare built is the healthcare needed. This benefits both the community and the profits of those investing in the project.

5 reasons for getting a Feasibility Study

  1. Understand the healthcare in your area so as get the scale of expansion correct
  2. Identify potential patients so you have the correct medical services, equipment and facilities to offer.
  3. Research the way people see your hospital so that you can create the right strategies to get and maintain more customers.
  4. Determine the expected return on your investment
  5. Various government bodies require a Feasibility Study to issue permits

Work with the best in the business and together we will build the best healthcare for tomorrow.

Feasibility Studies start at 150 million rupiah and usually take around 2 months to complete depending on the location and the level of detail required.