Make a Business Plan

Why create a hospital business plan?

A watertight business plan may sound like a really obvious place to startstrategy and tactics because we know, through many years of hands-on hospital planning, what works.Your personalised business strategy is developed through a series of interactive workshops where our team will come to know your hospital and your personnel intimately. The aim is to create an internal document that clearly delineates your organisation’s founding philosophy and overall direction. Likewise, this needs to determine your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and how your long and short-term goals will be achieved via carefully considered strategic planning.Having a clear idea of what you are going to achieve and how you are going to achieve it means that potentially expensive pitfalls are more easily avoided. In addition, it creates something to attract new investors and if you expand further at a later date, you will have a clear record of what worked the last time around.


The Strategic Business Plan defined

The HCM model seamlessly combines the thinking and required action to make any hospital development plan successful. Simply put, we define strategy as the ‘thinking’ and ‘business’ as the doing, meaning that this is not just a weight of dead paper but a fully formed plan of action. It is also important to note that the Strategic Business Plan can be applied to developing a whole new hospital from the ground up or just building an additional wing or a new specialist department. Furthermore, by the end of the process, your team will have detailed knowledge of exactly what your vision looks like and exactly what to do to effectively achieve it.

How to create a hospital business plan

Our team at HCM excellence work with you to breathe life into your ideas and give you the tools to build a successful healthcare service. Creating your business strategy is an interactive process which takes place over approximately 3 months. In order to achieve this, our team deliver and facilitate a series of 5 workshops which all judiciously laid out to makes sure that together we cover every detail. Moreover, this means we clearly delineate what your team must bring to the table and the responsibilities of HCM excellence.

In brief, this is the structure of the Strategic Business Plan process :

Collect and analysis the relevant data

Workshop 1
Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Workshop 2
Create the Strategy Plan

Workshop 3
Create the Business Plan

Finalize the SBP


During the course of these workshops, your team will be carefully guided through the following vital segments of your business plan.

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Target market
  1. Positioning
  2. Value proposition
  3. Goals and objectives
  1. Strategy
  2. Hospital Marketing Plan
  3. Operations Plan
  1. Personnel Plan
  2. Financial Plan

At the conclusion of these sessions, your company gets a PowerPoint explaining the Strategic Business Plan and how it should be implemented.

We also can provide help to carry out the plan through our Management Assistance Program

Price of the Strategic Business Plan is Rp 200 million.  Payment for the project is as follows :

  1. 30% at the signing of the contract.
  2. 20% after the first presentation
  3. 20% after the second presentation
  4. 20% after the third presentation
  5. 10% on delivery of the final report.

Work with the best in the business and together we will build the best healthcare for tomorrow.

Feasibility Studies start at 150 million rupiah and usually take around 2 months to complete depending on the location and the level of detail required.