Hospital Turn-Around

Hospital Turnaround Strategy

Hospital beds are at a premium and more and more are needed but what if the ones on offer are not up to muster? HCM Excellence has an established history of working with hospitals that are performing poorly. We do this by creating a comprehensive and detailed business turnaround strategy and then supporting the hospital team to convert these ideas into reality.

What sort of hospital needs our help?

The characteristics of a hospital that is not functioning well can actually present in a number of different ways. The bottom line is there are no new patients and/or old one are being lost to competitors. Experience tells us this is usually happening for one of the following reasons:

The actual building may be old and run down or they may lack up-to-date or well-maintained medical equipment.



There are staffing issues and the current doctors are not qualified enough to achieve hospital certification.



The hospital certification is incomplete.



The hospital administration lacks a growth strategy and has no clear idea how to attract new patients or who to target.



Having no strategic direction is often just as detrimental as antiquated equipment or unskilled staff. More often than not, hospital’s requiring our help are being pulled down by a combination of all of the above. Frequently, the management of these hospitals cannot see a way out because they do not have the revenue to be able to develop the areas that need attention. We make an achievable plan and show the administration how to implement it.

How we save your hospital

There are two parts to how we help to rescue a poorly performing hospital :

  1. We formulate a corporate turnaround strategy
  2. We assist the hospital management to implement the turnaround strategy


Creating a Strategic Turnaround Strategy

HCM Excellence conducts some independent research into how your business is failing and compile this into an easy-to-read report. We do this as quickly and effectively as possible and then follow up by identifying all the practical solutions we can employ to make vital changes.

Work with the best in the business and together we will build the best healthcare for tomorrow.

Feasibility Studies start at 150 million rupiah and usually take around 2 months to complete depending on the location and the level of detail required.