Implement a Business Plan

The HCM Excellence Management Assistance Program

Not only does HCM excellence provide a precise and exacting business strategy, we also can assist you to implement every part of this. This may include consulting in one key area, for example, marketing, or by covering all the main fundamentals of business plan deployment. Each business plan implementation program is tailored to suit your needs and the duration that you desire.

1. Marketing Assistance Program

The hospital marketing assistance program is the most popular of our business plan implementation programs. It is also our experience that this area is where many hospital administrations lack expertise. Our knowledgeable team focus on all the strategic and the managerial aspects of the marketing strategy including planning and organising. During the management assistance program the day to day operations such as sales calls and conducting events, are handled by your staff.  However, we help to improve their skills and develop systems such as standard operating procedures. Our techniques will help to motivate and empower your staff. We have a two-pronged approach which covers both traditional marketing and digital marketing using the internet and social media. The marketing plan we develop, as with all the tools we offer, provides clarity and focus by clearly stating how many patients we need to get and the actions needed to achieve this.

In order to plan, we look at several key areas :

We make sure that there is sufficient staff to do the planned number of sales call per week, and the staff have the right attributes and personality.

Tools and skills
We will implement a Standard Operating Procedure for making sales calls, and ensure the staff have the skills to handle rejections and difficult calls.

We make certain there is an appropriate budget for the campaigns planned and factor in appropriate bonuses for the marketing team.

During the period that you decide to work with our team, several fundamental things will happen:

  1. Regular meetings, usually twice a week
  2. Creating action plans so all staff understand the goals and how to achieve them
  3. Monitoring staff progress and feedback
  1. Solution-focused management
  2. Research
  3. Weekly written progress reports from our management consultant to the hospital


2. Operations Assistance Program

By following the same crucial values as those outlined in the Marketing Assistance Program, our hospital management consultants will drive forward this area of strategy implementation.

3. Personnel Assistance Program

During the process of creating a business plan, our team will have helped you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your personnel. Using the same exacting managerial techniques as the Marketing Assistance Program, our team will inspire and up-skill your staff so they can perform better.

4. Financial Assistance Program

HCM excellence is skilled and experienced in both financial forecasting and project managing tasks to budget and on deadline. Our team will help your hospital to achieve the best results through careful planning, organising and controlling following the same summary as the Marketing Assistance Program.

Work with the best in the business and together we will build the best healthcare for tomorrow.

Feasibility Studies start at 150 million rupiah and usually take around 2 months to complete depending on the location and the level of detail required.