Profile Johannes Kristiaji H, ST., MARS

Johannes Kristiaji H, ST., MARS
Director and senior consultant for HCM Excellence

3 fun facts about me:

  1. Happy family with 1 wife and 4 children
  2. Love reading comics.  I have been doing it since high school until today.
  3. I love the sea. Twice a year I go to a seaside resort for holiday.

Things I can help you with:

  1. Do feasibility study – analyse the feasibility for building a new hospital or expanding an existing one.
  2. Hospital benchmarking – compare useful data for strategic decision making.
  3. Implementing hospital information system – help your hospital to deliver faster service and better control by having an integrated hospital information system (front to back office).
  4. Do internal assessment – help your top management understanding your hospital better.
  5. Business intelligence – help you to unearth various market opportunities. 

You can contact me at or call +62 812 2005 205